Negotiations, Able Archer Films. Kitty plays Pro Brexit MP Janet Leigh-Mallory in this docu-satire web series set in the Department for Exiting the EU.

Everything Stops For Tea, Secret Platform Theatre. Recommissioned for Wandsworth Festival.              Kitty co wrote and performed in this immersive, interactive housewarming party; a cosy sharing of stories, tea and biscuits. Blurring the boundary between theatre and real life this quirky, light-hearted theatrical experience is shaped in the moment by the audience who say: “You made a normal afternoon exceptional.” “Reminded me of Punchdrunk. I am the involved spectator” .

The Worst Witch, CBBC, Netflix, ZDF. Kitty plays Miss Darkside, the formidably scary teacher, in CBBC’s much acclaimed adaptation of Jill Murphy’s classic spellbinding books.

DJ’s, Ursus Films. Kitty plays high-flying music agent June in this short film exposing what lies beneath the glitz and glamour of the music industry. Directed by Eric Buisson, DJ’s has been selected for many film festivals. Behind the scenes interviews here.

 Yarning, a new play by Trevor Pitt  performed at mac, Birmingham. Kitty played Betty, a Cumbrian shepherdess spinning yarns about life, survival and knitting. Kitty was also part of the writing/script development team weaving the play from verbatim material. “As intricately crafted as a Fair Isle sweater the stories make their patterns row by row, stitch by stitch” Audience feedback


Peep Show, Channel 4, Objective Productions. In the series finale Kitty played Baker, the bank’s head honcho, who arrived to seal Mark’s fate. “And so began the downward spiral….The approaching riptide of tragicomic finality…” Den of Geek

Ballot Monkeys, Channel 4, Hat Trick Productions, written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey). Kitty plays Green Party activist Angela in this political comedy written, shot and edited close to the wire to keep it topical. “Its cast is rammed with talent.  The characters  who, on most other shows, would be simple jokedelivery systems  are all distinct and wellrounded. Hamilton and Jenkins are masters of the form.” The Guardian

Itch, Seven Hills Films. In this psychological horror, Kitty plays the mysterious benefactor in a short film where secrets and innermost fears become reality. Released 2016.

 Rick And Rat Go To Thailand, Peninsula Films Kitty plays gullible Mum Julie Sullivan in this improvised TV comedy for a new youth entertainment channel. Rick and Rat is directed by Julian Knott, the film and television music composer, best known for scoring the Wallace and Gromit films.