Pass shortlisted for Aesthetica’s Creative Writing Award 2023 and published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2024.

“This collection is a celebration of innovation … commending writers for their use of form, concept and technique …. connect[ing] readers to a profound sense of self as well as their shared humanity.”

Aesthetica Magazine.

Kingmakers and ectopic published in Poetry Salzburg Review, 2023.

Form Tutor’s Report published in Tentacular, 2023.

Passing Through

a poetry sound installation for A Space for Sound, January 30th – February 5th 2023.

displaced people    rebuilding lives in a new country  then    and now   

Arising from the oral history collection at Manchester Jewish Museum, six soundscape poems about migration and resettlement, collaged and spliced together, play at 10 minute intervals. The cycle repeats on the hour.

Kitty’s poem Pass won Imtiaz Dhaker’s Inaugural Chancellor’s Poetry Prize, 2022.

is published in The North, Issue 68.

Kitty has a Masters in Writing Poetry.

She is working on a collection of poems, and a play for voices.

the Lions part – October Plenty. The annual raucous jamboree, celebrating harvest, went online in 2020 & 2021. Kitty recorded her poem The Corn Queene, which was commissioned as a film poem for the festival finale.


Royal Society of Literature  April 21, 2020  is included in the Write Across London online anthology.

The Last Moments was commissioned as a film poem for Spare Tyre Theatre’s Statues for the Unforgotten

Internal Conversation Starter 1 — an immersive poetry experience — published by …I am terrified by the beautiful things that are going to be created

The Punctuation Police sailed on the second voyage of Glyn Maxwell’s twisted poetry fantasy Dark Canadee; a serial literary fiction, avant-garde tutorial and poetry anthology published by Poetry School.