Mind The Gap

Kitty plays Barbara Vanberg in this feature film exploring the ‘Awarding Gap’ in UK Higher Education.

3FootFilms, 2024. In post production.

The Soldier on Smithdown Road.

Liverpool 1947. A spate of anti-Semitic attacks were triggered by the ‘Sergeants Affair’ in Mandate Palestine. Kitty plays Fanny Cohen in this real life story.

Premier at UK Jewish Film Festival, November 2023.

Film Festival run, 2024.

In the Wintergreen Mummers Play, 2024, Kitty played Winter Wynd, the swashbuckling reincarnation of Thames Page who appears in the annual celebration of ancient Midwinter customs and contemporary frivolity in THE LIONS PART Twelfth Night festival.

Kitty plays Mentora in short film Light Cracks. (LFS, 2023)

Yarning by Trevor Pitt.  Adapted for a livestream performance, now available on YouTube, following the sold out stage premiere in 2016.

Kitty plays Betty, a Cumbrian shepherdess spinning yarns about life, survival and knitting. Kitty was also part of the writing/script development team weaving the play from verbatim material. 

 “As intricately crafted as a Fair Isle sweater the stories make their patterns row by row, stitch by stitch” 

mac, Birmingham. Audience feedback

the Lions part – October Plenty. The annual raucous jamboree, celebrating harvest, went online in 2020 & 2021. Kitty recorded her poem The Corn Queene, for the festival finale.

Kitty plays Brexiteer MP Janet Leigh-Mallory in Negotiations. Team Able Archer’s satire series set in the Department for Exiting the EU. Catch up with all the episodes on YouTube.

Th’ Importance of Bein’ Earnest, Double Offie nominations for LKT’s ’90’s Yorkshire council estate re-imagining…

“The handbag scene… rendered entirely new by the wonderfully controlling and piss-elegant Kitty Martin” ★★★★★

“A ★★★★★ comedy hand bagging. Kitty Martin’s Lady Bracknell is gloriously class-conscious – pure comedy genius!

Everything Stops For Tea, Secret Platform Theatre at Hastings, Wandsworth and Basingstoke Festivals. Kitty co wrote and performed in this quirky, immersive housewarming served with lashings of tea and mountains of biscuits! Watch the trailer and see why audiences say: “Wonderful… Comforting, fun, hilarious, cosy… Delightful to share stories over tea!”

The Worst Witch, CBBC, Netflix, ZDF. Kitty plays Miss Darkside, the formidably scary teacher, in CBBC’s much acclaimed adaptation of Jill Murphy’s classic spellbinding books.

DJ’s, Ursus Films. Kitty plays high-flying music agent June in this film short exposing what lies beneath the glitz and glamour of the music industry. Directed by Eric Buisson. Winner of Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival, Best Foreign short 2017. Behind the scenes interviews here.